Ayurvedic 7 Day Cleanse


Ayurveda has been a part of yoga for more than 5000 years. It is a holistic system of medicine that comes from India, in Sanskrit it means the “Science of Life”.

Our bodies are intelligent and very hard working. Every day it has to process and eliminate harmful toxins. Many of us hold onto unresolved emotions and live stressful lives. Despite the body's miraculous ability to "digest it all"  there is  some degree of toxicity that builds up  over time. This is called,  Ama,  and can compromise our health. In original Sanskrit texts and teachings of Ayurveda it is said that we should "eliminate that which is not wholeness, that which is disrupting, by that which is suitable for the self, using procedures and preparations to restore the self..."

It is always a good time to eliminate old habits, stress, start fresh, and renew! This 7 day cleanse is gentle and suitable for all body types, it is not a fasting cleanse, but is based upon traditional Ayurvedic principles. It will encourage you to give your body and mind a break, allowing the body to ultimately repair itself.

The focus of this cleanse is to improve the strength of "the metabolic fire" or Agni in the GI tract. Agni, or fire,  is essential to the Ayurvedic tradition reaching far beyond the physical element. It is believed that all illness and imbalance begins in the GI tract. Suppressed emotions, stress, and lack of peace of mind also play a major role in our health. This particular 7 day cleanse will encourage the body and mind to rest and purify the digestive system, ultimately aligning the body to re-balance.

What to expect

This style of cleanse is based on a mono-diet, meaning to mainly eat the same meal for seven days. The cleanse encourages long-standing imbalances and toxins to move into circulation so that they can be eliminated. As with many cleanses, there may be a possibility that you also have unresolved emotional conflicts surface throughout the week. It is important to mention, so that you can be prepared to allow for such cleansing to occur as well. If any emotional toxins surface, remind yourself that this is a time to simply witness these states as they arise and together we will create a space to honor, move, and release them in a healthy way. Throughout the week, you will gain a new knowledge of self -care, tools for future healthy living, and encourage the body to repair itself. 

Before you start

There are a few common suggestions to prepare the body for almost any cleanse, and I would encourage you to do them leading up to this cleanse as well.  To eliminate the use of: caffeine, tobacco products, and alcohol. Reduce the intake of: fast foods, processed foods, refined sugars, and sweets. Focus instead on eating simple meals and whole foods. This will not only set the body into cleanse mode, but will allow the body to optimally benefit from the cleanse process as a whole.

Benefits :

·        Eliminates some degree of toxins from the body

·         More energy and vitality

·         Helps rebuild  the nervous system and calms the mind

·         Helps to regain your natural glow

7-day Program Includes:

·        Cleansing kit (all the necessary tools to take home with you)

·         Shopping list

·         Recipes

·         Asana home practice guide

·         One practice in nature (Stone Mountain Park)