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Bakari Yoga was conceptualized by Sandra Bonkienė in 2014.  It was the independent spirit of the goat that inspired Sandra to name her practice after such a magnificent creature.

Sandra is an experienced certified yoga instructor who takes a compassionate approach to her teachings and a personal interest in each one of her students.  She currently offers private lessons, participates in public yoga events, holds workshops and leads yoga retreats, and guest teaches at different yoga studios.



What is the Meaning of Bakari Yoga?

In the Hindi language, “Bakari” means “Goat.”

Goats love to wander alone, not because they are anti-social, but because they are seeking to find their own freedom. Although they respect distance and space, they thrive on independent adventures and exploration of high altitudes. Goats will fearlessly travel and climb onto mountain cliffs, at impossible angles and elevations. Driven by curiosity, enthusiasm and tenacity, they succeed.

Symbolically speaking, like the goat, a solitary path can lead us to great discoveries as we achieve great heights in our own spiritual ambition.  Sifting through seemingly impossible angles and elevations, we can open our minds and souls to conquer difficulties, find solutions, and nurture our whole being.


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