Private & Small Group Sessions

One-on-one personalized instruction is available at Bakari Yoga regardless of where you are in your yoga journey.  We welcome beginners who have never embarked in yoga practice, those who may feel uncomfortable practicing among other yogis, as well as practitioners of all levels who wish to take their yoga practice to the next step.   Sandra’s simple approach for teaching infuses humor and warmth in a relaxed setting.

Bakari Yoga also offers other tailored yoga programs for birthdays, community events, corporate well-being events, and other special events, such as Bakari Yoga in the Park.

What to expect in Yoga group/individual practice with Sandra:

  • Breath awareness – our most powerful tool that leads us towards more opening, connection with the Self, healing and relaxation. In yoga we call it Prana, the life force. Breathing exercises are called Pranayama.
  • Strengthen concentration and focus. With slow and mindful movements, with hold we engage the mind into practice.
  • Discover new strength and increase flexibility. Building masculine strength using your own body weight. Improvements on flexibility depends on individual’s age, health and commitment to practicing yoga. To every persona flexibility means different things and yoga everyone’s journey is different.
  • Awareness of your own body and its needs. The body holds tensions, samskaras (the imprints left on the subconscious mind by experience in this or previous lives) we must to know our body and love them for the healing to happen. Acceptance of your own self creates inner peace.
  • Mental health. Yoga can reduce stress, creates more peace and relaxation. One of the greatest things is that while practicing yoga we being able to observe the external events around us, but not being caught up in drama. We learn how to stay calm, cool, collected and grounded. After a good yoga practice all troubles flow away. Troubles don’t disappear but we learn a better ways to see it and deal with it.
  • Once you have a good relationship with yourself you create a better relationship with our loved ones, family, friends and community. Connection between body, breath, mind and heart helps in everyones daily life. Allow change to happen.